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The Highland Village Owners Association Board has formed several committees for our development. The purpose of the committees is to improve the quality of life of our neighborhood, welcome new neighbors to our development, ensure our protective covenants are being followed for any existing/new construction and for the maintenance/ improvement of our common areas.

The Board highly encourages all members of the Association to actively participate on these committees. With your help, we truly can make Highland Village the best place to live in Cranberry Township and possibly Western Pennsylvania. If you wish to participate, please get in touch with the chairperson of that committee.

Committee Purpose Chairperson
Common Space Maintenance Coordinate common space lawn maintenance, seek bids and ensure adequate services are being provided. Jesse Barnholdt
Crime Watch/Safety Oversees, and is alerted to, actual or potential criminal activity and safety-related activities. Works with local law enforcement officials and the board concerning these issues. However, every resident in the Communnity has a responsibility to stay alert for this type of activities and concerns, which includes recording license plates and/or descriptions, as well as notifying the police and the committee chairperson. Steve Wei
Construction/Architectural Review new architectural and landscaping plans for new homes and additions to ensure compliance with the covenants. Steve Wei
Finance Oversees the financial needs of the Association by coordinating budgeting, reviewing and recommending cost-saving measures and planning for capital improvement expenses. Michele Jergel
Hospitality Welcome new neighbors and babies; coordinate support for neighbors in need; update phone directory; coordinate sub-committees for HVOA sponsored special events. Ashley Brown
Newsletter Present ideas and information, write articles, and help distribute our quarterly newsletter. Meredith Daily
Communications Inform HV residents of neighborhood news via the entryway message board, newsletter, web site and street captains. Rich Dennis
Neighborhood Forum Committee consisting of board members from all Cranberry Township homeowner associations; purpose is to share ideas and discuss common association related issues and problems. Rich Dennis
Nominating Receive and communicate any interest from homeowners concerning running for the Board of Directors. Meredith Dailey
Entryway Sign Project Rebuild the Entryway Sign Rich Dennis
Gas Light Conversion Analysis Project Gas Light Conversion Analysis Project. Jesse Barnholdt & Steve Wei
Neighborhood Beautification Project Neighborhood Beautification Project. Meredith Dailey & Steve Wei
Message Board Project Message Board Project. Meredith Dailey
Fence Painting Project Fence Painting Project. Meredith Dailey
The purpose of each project is to Enhance the Beauty and Safety of the Highland Village Neighborhood
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